Don't Cry for Kirun

From atop “The Heatshaft” (or Mt. Kamek as the surface-dwellers call it), five heroes look down from lofty heights on the ruin that once was the great Kirun Kingdom.

  • Kayda, despondent after the second abandonment by her lost love, Terran.
  • Kuori, strong and eager, always ready for anything.
  • Vret, whose sharp eyes search the ruined buildings for threats or survivors
  • The dwarven brothers, Lukham and Marukh, share a moment of pain as they see their home in utter ruin.

The group makes its was down a treacherous trail to the base of Mt. Kamek and to the outskirts of Kirun. Clouds of dust ring the piles of rubble comprising most of the buildings. A bolt of green lighting streaks randomly around the metal rooftops and steeples. Lukham leads them all to his old shop, on the ground floor of a near-collapsed building. A bronze automaton, long since out of power, holds the last beam up with frozen servos. The group pokes around as Lukham retrieves what he came for, and they each find a souvenir. Marukh finds an ornate armband (Collar of Recovery). For Kuori, Lukham resizes a pair of magic boots from a four to an eighteen (Boots of the Fencing Master). He then slots an add-on into a socket in his armor, and it briefly energizes before settling down (Repulsion Armor +2). Vret’s sharp perception finds a magic cloak, which shimmers like a heat wave (Cloak of Distortion +1), and Kayda find a new jacket (double check appearance – Warding Spirit Armor +2). On the way out of the shop, Lukham bids a solemn goodbye to his enterprise, kicking the automaton out of the way and walking away from the building in a cloud of dust.

The group returns to the entrance of town, where they notice two figures ducking into a building down the street. They stack at the door to breech and clear. They end up meeting two dwarves, Walu and Waru, who are collecting supplies for the wounded. Upon realizing that Lukham and Marukh are Kirunian, they lead the heroes down into the tunnels where the dwarven refugees who are still in the town are hiding out. Most of the dwarves fled, but some stayed behind to care for the wounded and are resolved to take back their land. Prince Thori, youngest of the ruling family has taken de facto command of the underground resistance/hospital effort and talks with the party about what happened when the dragon Ergodoth burst forth from Mt. Kamek and attacked the city. Lukham asked how they could help, and Thori asked him to find a cure for the dragon’s toxin, which had laid low the majority of the resistance.

Lukham gets to work on synthesizing a cure for the toxin. Using a blood sample from an infected dwarf, he successfully breaks an alembic and loses half of the sample while distilling and downsampling it. Because of the small sample size, he was unable to determine a sole ingredient in the cure, but three items seemed to neutralize the poison: Deadly Nightshade, Fire Salts, and Foxbark.

The group heads out to the woods south of the Kirun Kingdom to gather Foxbark. After half a day’s walk they find themselves deep in the forest. Kuori plops down a big crate and guards the area, while the others go out foraging. Kayda, Vret, and Lukham gather a good deal of Foxbark, and Marukh comes back wrangling a live fox. Which barks when struck with treebark. He leashes the fox and they head back to the resistance headquarters as the sun sets on the valley below Mt. Kamek



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