Don't Split the Party

or it's not much of a party

As Vret, Fortis, and Kuori corner the cultists of Orcus aboard a food storage ship near the front of the Armada, Kayda is attacked by two masked assassins aboard the Bronze Goddess. Kayda knocks one attacker overboard while grappling with the other. She disarms and defeats her, then leaps up toward the rigging hanging from the mast. Deftly cutting the right rope in midair, she cuts a counterweight and sends a twenty-pound steel pulley swinging across the deck to knock the other assassin into the water again, this time fatally.

The others rush in to stop the nefarious cultists, but as they do, the leader summons four skeletons from eerie green portals. Vret nearly burns the boat down to the water, but the leader of the cultists reveals himself as a ghastly undead servant of Orcus and conjures a wave of deathly chill before escaping into another portal. His magical residue, however, condenses into a Power Jewel (a 10-inch icicle, shaped like an elongated teardrop) which hangs suspended in the storeroom surrounded by flash-frozen flames. Vret, Fortis, and Kuori come up on deck from examining the Jewel as they see crewmen rushing toward them with waterbuckets, seeking the fire.

Kayda gains one Poisoned Dagger +1, adventurer’s vault p75. It is needle-thin but razor-sharp
Kuori gains the Power Jewel as described above, adventurer’s vault p176

Reset party to 4,500 experience points.



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