Down the Rabbit Hole

As Rhaegos breathes his last, the ground literally opens up beneath our heroes. They fall into a large crack in the temple floor. For the record, Marukh stays at the top, then realizes he’s the only one still there and dives in after Lukham and the others. Each member sees a spectral apparition specific to him/her on the way down a swirling shaft of bright, psychedelic colors. The corpse of Azgalorn makes a large dent in the floor of the circular chamber they all safely land in. As the group explores a strange, underground cavern they encounter Vret, an elven archer who was searching for them when he too fell into a hole in the floor. Together, they defeated a swarm of fungus-covered evil monsters and their hive. They then found a giant cavern containing large mushroomtrees, glowing in the darkness , outside the town of New Ruhn. They were greeted by a small, mushroom man who intruduced himself as Modulo, a businessman of the New Ruhn Myconids. He invites the party into his home and they rest while speaking briefly about the new plane they’re in, The Deepening – a subrealm below the Elemental Chaos. Modulo became very concerned about the way the party arrived, and went to find Governor Fourier to meet with them….



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