Dr. Lukham, Medicine Dwarf

Sixty-two out of sixty-three ain't bad

The stalwart herbalists return from their foray with a plethora of foxbark. After a brief discussion of the treatment plan, Dr. Lukham gets to work right away turning the foxbark into an oral serum, which the party administers to the poisoned dwarves in the underground hospital camp. The serum of foxbark cures 38 of the 63, as the green tinge fades from their skin. Four of the still-poisoned dwarves twitched after the dose, and flatlined – a quick shock from Lukham’s power-arm defibrilated and stabilized them, to gasps from onlookers. Dr. Lukham and Dr. Kayda confer about what to do with the other sick dwarves. Eventually, they concur that the remaining foxbark should be mixed with the remaining fire salts and given as a booster dose. The fire salts bubbled and oozed, but they forced it down the gullets of the other sick dwarves. Twenty-four of the dwarves were healed, but sadly, one passed after administration. Lukham made the scientific observance, “Well, 62 out of 63 ain’t bad.”

With the dwarves (mostly) saved, they turned their thoughts to Ergodoth, the ancient green dragon responsible for the whole calamity. Ready to plan for their next action, they consulted Prince Thori, who explained his plan of attack. Thori was not willing to risk lives in an assault unless he could negate the poison of the dragon. As Thori and Vret debated the futility of a direct assault on the dragon, and the motivations behind it, Lukham reached a brilliant idea. He hurriedly sketched the plans for a rudimentary respirator with a foxbark filter to neutralize the poison gas. Kayda thought the foxbark would sedate the wearer too much, and suggested a layer of suyeasem (a mushroom with stimulant properties) to counteract. That night, Lukham worked to prepare filters for the rebreathers while the others slept.

In the morning, the party split up to accomplish more at once. Marukh and Lukham took Thori’s iron to a small forge up on the surface and forged the framework for the respirators for the next 20 hours, returning the next morning.

Kuori and Vret ventured back to the forest to gather more foxbark. On their way back that afternoon, Vret spotted an angry ogre rushing through the woods like a bowling ball. They made their way back to the city with haste, narrowly avoiding being caught by the berserking giant. They dropped the foxbark off at the forge, then Kuori went back to the hospital camp to pass out. Vret kept watch over the dwarves while they worked the bellows and pounded the molten metal over the anvil.

Kayda, determined to learn about the origins of the dragon, brought Waru on an adventure to find… a library. Being unable to read dwarven, Waru had to translate for her. After a few hours of searching, they returned from the ruined library with 100g of library fines, and copies of Bremer’s Fables, Cartographer’s Reference: Mt. Kamek, About the Marshlands, On Mt. Kamek, The Potion of Time, and Five Dwarves in Chaos. Bremer’s Fables told some interesting stories of “The Spider and the Hare,” the tale of “The Three Foolish Kings,” and “The Beast Under the Mountain.” The Cartographer’s Reference showed a very detailed sketch of Mt. Kamek, with some sort of chamber deep in the mountain with the dwarven rune for “Emeralds” marked prominently. Kayda returned to the hideout with Waru, where he helped her decipher some of his favorite readings.



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