Ergodoth, the veridian scourge of Mt. Kamek, lay in a spreading pool of dragon blood in the center of the great chamber, seven feet away from the still body of Lukham Nardud. The dragon was slain, the princess was saved, but at what cost? Marukh silently laments over his brother’s rapidly cooling corpse. The dragonslayers and the dwarves made a somber procession down the mountain bearing the fallen champions before them. The dwarves of the Kirun Kingdom worked through the night to clear a plaza of rubble. The next morning, all gathered in the square for a funeral befitting eleven fallen dwarven heroes, liberators of the land. The patron deity of the dwarves, Moradin, intervened to create a worthy memorial stone to commemorate the sacrifice. The crowd pays their respects at the memorial stone and eventually begins to break up and go separate ways toward their long tasks of rebuilding the city.

The group meets with Prince Thori and the princess, who hands over Lukham’s last articles in a sack to Marukh. It is revealed briefly that Ergodoth is trapped on the other side of the disc from Rhaegos, as Marukh stuffs the goods back into the bag. As the group prepares to bid adieu to the Kirun Kingdom, three metallic streaks fly through the sky and impact in the western wall of the city. Thori and his guards follow the group as they rush to investigate. A young boy climbs out of a crater below the wall and says, “Hi!”

The group then makes introductions with Fortis, who suggests that he is the offspring of Erathis and Kord, sent to the material plane in order to gather followers and become a full god of the pantheon. The group is doubtful, so he proves his lineage by rebuilding the city wall he destroyed upon entry in record time (thanks, Mom). The group decides to head back to Kyne to report in to Librarian Ono about what’s going on in Nyonad Wyndill. Fortis decides to come along, to increase his fame and notoriety and try to gain some worshipers. Thori sends the group west down the river where they can catch a ship to Kyne. Camping overnight on their way to the coast, the group is happened upon by a duo of direbears, which they dispatch easily before heading back to bed.



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