Onto the High Seas

The group headed west, continuing on the road toward the sea. Near midday, they reached a rise and found themselves overlooking a small harbor with a scattering of buildings, mainly warehouses and taverns. Haela’s Landing, they found, subsisted mainly as a stopover for trading vessels running the coastline routes, but at that particular time a swarm of vessels dotted the harbor, anchored in perfect gridlines to one another. The group headed into the Red Flagon Inn to find drinks and locate a suitable captain to carry them to Kyne.

One stately-looking human in a fine naval uniform was sitting in the back of the common room. Kayda and Vret sought him out while Fortis, Marukh, and Kouri sampled the local libations. Kayda negotiated passage with Captain Vala Sanzur on The Bronze Goddess. That afternoon, they boarded the fine vessel for the first time, and The Bronze Goddess joined the fleet arrayed in the harbor, near the back of the formation. The group learns that the formation is a great migrant merchant fleet, The Armada. Captain Sanzur is a trader but frequently takes on passengers such as these.

Over the first couple days of the trip, the group explores The Armada a little bit. Kuori practices on the deck of The Bronze Goddess, where Jak, Stephano, and Markus become her favorite sparring partners. She also wandered a few ships over and joined a mock boarding on the military escort, Monarch’s Vengeance. During the skirmish, Vret stealthed into the lower levels of the guard ship, and something drew him into a soldier’s barrack room. He found a chest containing some traps, and a prayer book of Orcus. He was nearly discovered by the villains, but managed to hide under one of their beds, while overhearing that they planned some sort of vileness on board the Sovereign.



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