Rhaegos the Mad

As the group prepares themselves to hunt their true quarry, Rhaegos the Mad (aka Rhaegos the Terrible, Flying Scourge of the Night, The Mind Killer), they find their way to just outside the grand central chamber of the ancient temple in the city of Nyonad Wyndill. However, before they can enter the chamber, Lukham comes rushing down the hall trailing a stream of blue magic from his hand. He huffs, and he puffs, and he shows the group what he discovered while he was away from them – a magic-powered spotlight capable of shining a bright light over 50 feet away. He powers It with runic channels dug into the stone disc.
The group enters the main chamber cautiously, at first, until Marukh shouts, “Hello!” into the darkness. He is answered with a deep, resonant, “Hello,” that rattles the entire room. Lukham’s spotlight catches the outline of a scaly tail, and he swiftly aims it up toward the geode chandelier above, dimly lighting the whole room and revealing Rhaegos himself. The evil orium dragon, young in appearance but sly in words, demands a tribute. He turns down gold, gems, and precious jewels as uninteresting to him, and begins to attack, but Kuori and Marukh rush down the stairs first.
Azgalorn, disgusted that Lukham will not offer MILES as a tribute, as he would have been the interesting trinket that Rhaegos desired, puts a blade to the dwarf and threatens him. Lukham refuses to give up his robot companion, so Azgalorn strikes him with the sharp side, wounding him. Marukh however does an about-face and redirects his righteous fury from the dragon to the tiefling, striking him down with a mighty blow. Or, well, distracting him for Lukham’s steel fist of fury to give him his final lights out. Azgalorn stabilized after his betrayed allies struck him down, but a spray of poison from the dragon proved to be too much for him to bear. In true tiefling fashion, his final breath erupted as a small fireball which nearly gave Kuori a hotfoot.
With their focus now fully on Rhaegos, the party (and Terran) took the dragon’s best licks and kept on ticking. Terran, full of battle fury, leapt onto the back of the dragon and dug his daggers into its neck. Rhaegos tried to make a desperate escape down the tunnel, but Marukh caught up, and his sword caught in between two scales in Rhaegos’ stomach, slicing it in twain. Marukh rose, covered in dragon entrails, as the deathrattle of the Last Lord of Nyonad Wyndill shook the foundations of the temple.



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