Ring of Fire


As Modulo is away, the group rests, and eats. Lukham finds some Mushroom Jerky, heats it up, and shares. Lukham asks Vret why he was looking for them. To which he responds, “I’m looking for my past.” Ealodel, the Captain of the Guard in Valaris, pointed him toward the group to hopefully find his direction. The group briefly discusses the metaphysicality of traversing the planes back to the Prime Material Plane (Home).

Fourier returns with Modulo and talks with the group about Mt. Wrathful, the Heatshaft, and the former visits by dwarves. The dwarves used to visit them and trade with them by traveling down the Heatshaft, but lately it has gotten much, much too hot for traffic. Fourier tells Modulo to show them to see Athar, a magic specialist. That night, Lukham solders on his Rhaegos soultrap disc as Vret watches. They have a little talk before bed.

Also, Dwarven is now equivocable to “The Sims”-speak.

Modulo leads them to Athar, who sells them a Scroll of Endure Elements (traded for the golden necklace)

The group treks north, through a mushroom bog, and into an upward-sloping tunnel. They successfully sneak past a group of Wildlings

Vret – perception – sees a fireball coming at Kuori and says “DUCK!”
Kuori – athletics – rolls out of the way of a boulder which starts rolling down after her
Lukham – arcana – strengthens the shield to deflect a fireball from kayda
Marukh – religion – prays to avandra in dwarven, but avandra doesn’t know dwarven
Kayda – arcana – uses Fluffy to form a shield, but he gets hit by a big fireball and de-resses
Vret – endurance – trips on his way down the ramp

The rune in the center of the platform says [Dwarven] “Fleg Wanrag” – “Stand Here”

Marukh hops onto the rune and is sucked up into the Heatshaft. The party follows suit. A charred dwarven corpse on the platform falls over as the Heatshaft takes the party away in a flash. They hurtle through the fire and the flames and arrive on the edge of a volcanic crater, which the dwarves know as the summit of Mt. Kamek. They look down on the ruins of their homeland. Kuori asks where they are.

“This is Kirun Kingdom,” says Lukham. “Or, was.” [/singletear]



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