That Smell

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Long Summary:

Aboard the Bronze Goddess, Vret assembles the team for an important meeting, where he reveals the prayer book of Orcus he found on the Monarch’s Vengeance. Fortis warns that it is nasty and shouldn’t be trifled with, that, “You can lose more than just your life by reading this.” And he was right. Inside, a bookmark reveals a ritual to Orcus being planned by the hidden cultists in The Armada. Fortis strikes out brashly towards the Monarch’s Vengeance to find the source of the corruption, Kuori in tow. Vret notices two shifty figures leaving the ship and shadows them all the way to a grain barge at the front of the formation.

Kuori and Fortis go on a manhunt through the Monarch’s Vengeance, with Fortis citing a grave emergency and that he was searching on direct orders from the admiralty of The Armada – he order the sailors and soldiers out of the barracks and placed the ship on “lockdown.” Meanwhile, Kuori smells a foul odor emanating from the ship. She convinces Fortis grudgingly (he couldn’t smell it) to follow the smell with her, eventually converging on the grain storage ship just behind the Sovereign. Vret gets there first and locates the cultists chanting their evil ritual behind a storeroom door. He attempts to baddassly kick in the door, but ends up just foot-knocking. He backs off and takes aim at the door from back, as Kuori and Fortis catch up. Kuori bashes in the door and meets the axe of a mean-looking soldier. Fortis and Vret let loose with LIGHTNING ARROWS as the view spins, whirls, and fades out to the credits of this week’s installment.

Oh, and this is while Kayda and Marukh are playing cards back on The Bronze Goddess.



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