Leaving Home

Ealodel slammed her fist on the windowsill in frustration, turning away from the others. The second floor of town hall was mostly being used as a makeshift bunkhouse, but Edrad had ordered the other civilians to leave this room – this meeting needed to be behind closed doors. A single tear trickled down Ealodel’s cheek as she saw the smoking ruin which was Valaris, her home.

“The young adventurers are right – there’s nothing but death and ruin here for us,” Edrad echoed her own thoughts, seeing the same sight through another window.

Ealodel turned slowly, eyes down. “We should take the people to Mawry. But we should destroy the bridge on our way out, else we may not have a foothold when we return in force.”

“Unfortunately, I agree. But Mawry is small in number, and weak in force. Though humans likely will not welcome us with open arms, I feel our people would be safer at Trone.”

“We must decide. I will prepare the people for leaving, but they will want an answer before we depart.”

Both elves nodded, and set about their sad task of egress.

Leaving Home

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